Custom Homes

Homes are where we live, play, and grow. The people we love live here. Our most precious possessions are kept here. Naturally, nowhere is comfort and air quality more desired than in the home. That’s why custom home builders have trusted the experts at Varitec for their HVAC solutions. No matter how complex the home design, whether it requires a smart centralized system or multiple units, Varitec delivers the latest energy efficient, cost effective HVAC solutions to make a home comfortable from room to room for years to come.

  • Variable Refrigerant Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • and much more


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Ready to experience our hvac solutions first hand?

As a client, you will experience first hand our dedication to developing solutions in a way that’s smart, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Over 40 years much has changed - but our mission has remained the same: making buildings more comfortable and more efficient for every single one of our clients.